Pathways to Health Resilience Beyond COVID-19

A PDRF-Brown University Lecture Series


PDRF, through a joint effort with NZ-Aid and Brown University, presents a 2-part webinar lecture series, “How To Vaccinate A Nation: Pathways Towards Health Resilience in the Time of COVID-19”. These lectures cover vital discussions on COVID-19 including developments in the science of vaccines, lessons in deployment, and critical strategies in risk communications for upholding vaccine confidence. 




Brown Emergency Medicine (EM) Physicia. An expert in medical simulation, wilderness medicine, disaster preparedness, traume management, and international emergency medicine development. He worked as a consultant for the WHO in Fiji and Tonga at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Brown University Global Emergency Medicine Fellow. He has a focus in health system strengthening and emergency system strengthening in rural settings; he also has an interest in disaster response, and has helped rebuild health centers after the Nepal earthquake through a NGO he founded.


Brown University Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine. She conducted a systematic review of health outcomes among humanitarian responders, and was part of a research team evaluating a disaster preparedness program in ethnic minority villages in China.


Founder and CEO of ODRON - Emergency and Disaster Preparedness and Management. She is leading and involved with international projected related to Emergency Medicine, Trauma, Intensive Care, Emergency Nursing and Management, and Disaster Preparedness. Also, she is a WHO consultant for Health System's Preparedness for Mass Events.


His extensive background is in critical care nursing and healthcare management, particularly in crisis leadership, building of personal and team resilience, and disaster response. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he has set up response and team support systems.


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