Risk Communications and the Road to Pandemic Recovery

The second webinar, “Risk Communications and the Road to Pandemic Recovery” provides a blueprint towards greater vaccine demand by the Filipino public. The webinar discusses the value of risk communications and effective public health messaging in complementing campaigns by the government and the private sector to get everyone vaccinated against COVID-19. 

With hindsight, the webinar addresses several important questions raised during the first webinar in the lecture series. Experts from Brown University will discuss vaccines, vaccine safety, herd immunity, and other benchmarks. Following this, the lecture will tackle the importance of risk communication and how this is a driving factor towards vaccine demand generation. In the context of the continued deployment of vaccines, this lecture tries to distinguish how risk communication plays a role in (a) government and private institutions through its distinguished role in continuity planning; and (b) our communities through local engagement and dialogue.  


This webinar will help the participants to understand how risk communication is an important driver of vaccine demand generation. More specifically, it aims to:

  • Answer important questions on a variety of questions from the first webinar. This includes topics on vaccine components and safety, on getting the first and second vaccine shots, administration of the vaccines, and herd immunity and other benchmarks;
  • Stress the importance of risk communications and how it should complement the national vaccination campaign to get everyone vaccinated against COVID-19;
  • Discuss the role of risk communications in government and private institutions through its incorporation in internal continuity measures;
  • Understand how national communication strategies on COVID-19 can be translated within communities to uphold vaccine confidence in every barangay across the country
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Course Includes

  • 1 Lesson
  • 3 Topics
  • 2 Quizzes
  • Course Certificate